Full Guide to Install WordPress in Other Languages

Have you ever want to use WordPress in other languages? In fact, this powerful platform is fully translated into more than 65 languages, and then you can use it in your native language. And in this article, I will walk over the way how to install a WordPress site in other languages.   z1

Getting Started with WordPress in Other Languages

Before starting a blog, you have to get a WordPress hosting. Bluehost is one of the good recommendation for you. This is a large WordPress hosting providers in the world.

Once you sign up with a WordPress host, you can install WordPress next. z2

Choosing a Language During WordPress Installation

WordPress 4.0 offers the new and improved internationalization support which allows you to choose a language for your WordPress site during the installation.z3

This will be quite useful when you need to know clearly about the installation instructions, as you can put it in your local language. But if you don’t choose the language when installing WordPress, you can change it anytime under the WordPress settings.

Changing Language in WordPress

It is super easy to change the language on your WordPress website. The only thing you have to do is simply visit the Settings > General section on your WordPress dashboard, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you can see options to choose the site languagez4

Although WordPress can be translated into more than 162 languages, you just only see 62 languages which are full translated.

If the language you find is not in the list, this doesn’t mean it is not available and you can use it. I will show you how to install language packs in WordPress.

Manually Installing WordPress Translation Files For Other Languages

A gettext system is used for translations in WordPress, including localization and internation. Volunteer users in the world will use a main .pot template file to translate WordPress into their languages. It will create two files for each language. They are Portable Object format file with .po extension, and machine Object file with .mo extension. A .mo file is required for your language. You can go to the WordPress translation teams page to find which WordPress translation is available for your language.   z5

After that, click on the percentage value to see the status of translation progress in the language you want. Then click on the current WordPress version.

Now you will reach GlotPress. It is a web based app used by WordPress team to translate WordPress projects. The thing you need to do is scroll down to the bottom until you see the export section. Open the dropdown and choose Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo), and then click on Export link. z6

Next repeat the process above, but select Portable Object Message Catalog (.po), and click the Export link.

After downloading and unzipping the pack of language on your computer, you have to connect to your site via FTP. once connected, upload that file to /wp-content/language folder.

When uploading the file has been done, return to the WordPress admin area. Next visit Settings > General page and go down to the site language option. Now you can pick the language you just uploaded as it will appear under the installed languages.z7

Using an English Admin Interface in Multilingual WordPress

You don’t want to change the entire WordPress site into your local language, and still keep the interface in English. Sometimes it may be helpful if your admins are not familiar with other installed languages or developers can access to it.

In this situation, you need to install and activate the plugin called English WordPress Admin. Upon activation, this plugin will add a language switcher on the WordPress admin bar. So each user can simply take the mouse over this language switcher and choose the admin interface language.  z8

Creating a Multilingual WordPress Website
It is quite easy to use different language in WordPress, but what should you do if you want to create content in multiple languages?
It is hard to set it default, but there are some plugins which enable you to create and manage multilingual WordPress sites. Of course all of them allow you to create content in many different languages and make it easier for your visitors to switch languages.
One of the popular multilingual plugins is WPML plugin (WordPress Multilanguage). This premium plugin is used by thousands of websites around the world to create user-friendly multilingual websites on the WordPress platform. z9

If you are looking for a free plugin, let’s checkout the Polylang plugin.

Help Translate WordPress in Your Language

When you can’t find the translation for WordPress in your language, you can create one. WordPress is an open source software, so you can drive it. This means that all available translations you can see are created by other users around the world. check out the Translating WordPress website for more info on how to contribute a new language.

That’s all about how to install WordPress in other languages. I hope that this can help you a lot in this process. If you have any questions about it, please leave it in the comment below. Thanks a lot!



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