How to migrate Weebly to WordPress


On average, each day hundreds of people has started their own blogging journey. However, many do not use the right platform without being guided properly. Most of selections is originated from how easy they are, or they are free, which are highly recommended for newbies. In which Weebly and other free hosted solutions allow you to build a website in a matter of minutes with no technical knowledge. But they are not good for SEO optimization, plugin support, etc. Fortunately, with basic needs, WordPress can address all problems that other platforms have faced to.

In this step-by-step guide, I will introduce you some ways to migrate Weebly to WordPress With a little technical knowledge. Let’s get started.

Why should we stop Weebly?

Initially, the first feeling with Weebly is that Drag and Drop Builder is very easy. Pull in some columns, add some texts, insert a picture, etc. All work well on the way to make a good-looking website. But this platform delivers a lot of drawbacks, including:

  • Not back up blog posts
  • Not upload back the archive
  • Create a forum is difficult
  • Difficult to find the proper plugins that are compatible with the platform
  • And many more

Why WordPress?

WordPress is considered a powerful content management system over the world. Like Weebly, it also offers building-block structure that is good for beginners. In addition, WordPress provides a wide range of plugins for many sections, including blogs, page, header, etc. Especially they are easy to use and can offer many options for you to customize your site as you want, without knowing much or any code. Apart from eye-catching themes and effective plugins, WordPress is also well-known with the great community where you can get many helps and WordPress knowledge.

Everything seems to be pointing to WordPress. So take a look at the way to transfer Weebly to WordPress without any effort.

How to migrate Weebly to WordPress?

1.   Pre-migration

a.    Select a domain and web host

The first thing you have to do is setting up WordPress while still keeping the primary website. Because you are using Weebly, you have to choose a new domain and web host.

Here are some good hosts that you can consider:

Then you need to set up a temporary domain. Many hosts also provide domains or subdomains for free. The plans are quite cheap since most start under $10 per month.

b.    Set up a WordPress site

Currently many hosts install WordPress by default, so you can skip this step. If not, hosts also allow you to install WordPress with a single click, you can follow the step-by-step guide they provide.

With WordPress, you would need to choose a theme. To simply transfer Weebly to WordPress, you can choose the default theme. Otherwise, you can pick one of thousands available themes in the WordPress respiratory.

Now you are ready for switching process.

2.   Migration

a.    Manual migration

The simplest way to transfer all content in Weebly to WordPress is copy and paste. By this way, you will omit any content on the web, but just for a small site. With bigger ones, the number of content also increase, and it will take more time to complete all the process. To do this, follow two steps below:

  • Create pages and posts: On the WordPress dashboard, visit Pages > Add New to setup new page, and Blog Posts > Add New for new posts.
  • Copy and paste content
  • Once a post is created, you can manually copy all content in the Weebly website and paste them to the new WordPress.
  • If your post includes images, you have to save them and upload again to WordPress by clicking Add media
  • As finishing, click Publish button to release it on the site.
  • Repeat these steps for each post

b.    Outsourced migration

There are many sites that support Weebly to WordPress migrations. CMS2CMS is one of them. It offers a full-service package with the helps from technical staffs.2.png

●     Run the Demo Migration

If you take the lower priced packages, you have to run a demo migration.

  • Enter the URLs of your Weebly and WordPress sites
  • Confirm the CMS types
  • Choose migration options (migrate media, clear the current target data, get design suggestions, redirect URLs)
  • Click Start Migration
●     Run the Full Migration

If you are happy with it, continue with the actual migration. It may not come with any real support, but with migration insurance, you can restart the migration within a specified period of time.

If you want a completely service, pay for the premium full service packages, starting at $299.

a.    Automated migration

If you feel don’t like the time-consuming method or paid method above, there is another way that makes you free to transfer content to WordPress. WordPress enables you to complete this work via RSS.

●     Import posts via Weebly RSS Feed
  • Find the RSS feed URL of your Weebly site. It looks like
  • Click the Save Page As option to save this file to computer
  • You can use the WP All Import plugin to import from the XML feed file into WordPress.
●     Convert the Feed file

Because WordPress only support RSS feed, you have to convert the ATOM Feed to an RSS feed.

  • Upload the ATOM feed file to your hosting using FTP or their file manager
  • Choose the conversion tool
  • Press the Convert button
  • Click the File/Save As button and save the file as mysite.xml
●     Import RSS Feed file to WordPress
  • Visit Dashboard > Tools > Import
  • Select the RSS import button
  • Upload the saved RSS file

Once the importing process is successful, all content are completely transferred to WordPress.

1.   Post-migration

Now the switching process has completed, you can customize some options to make your site look better.

  • Customize the theme: You can choose several options for your theme like layouts, header, footer, typography, etc.
  • Setup other features (e.g: forms and widgets)
  • Test site: Make sure your WordPress site operate smoothly
  • Point the domain to the destination site
  • Sign in the Weebly account
  • In Domain tab, click the Disable button under the Registrar Lock
  • Copy the EPP code to complete the transfer from Weebly
  • Change the site URLs throughout the site content by a plugin such as Velvet Blues Update URLs


Building a site is very easy with Weebly; however, the process to transfer from it to another platform may be quite difficult, especially with the huge number of content. WordPress may take you a little time to learn, but it can make your site operate smoothly with several features. Thus, with some instructions above I hope you can move to WordPress easily.

Have you ever migrate Weebly to WordPress sites? Please share your thought below.



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